VoIP Phones

If during a VoIP call between two of your employees, the quality of the call begins to erode and jitter becomes a nuisance, your workers may simply shrug it off and wait until the problem passes. Even if a VoIP communication is dropped completely, the two employees are likely simply to reconnect and continue the conversation as if nothing much had happened.

Workers who spend five days a week together and have personal relationships with each other aren’t likely to get bent out of shape because of intermittent call difficulties. Customers, however, are a different story.

What effect do you think it would have on your relationship with a customer if after taking the time to reach out to your organization, his or her call was dropped 75 percent of the way through the interaction with one of your customer service agents? Probably the customer’s frustration in the face of having to call again—starting at the bottom of the queue—would prevent a callback from taking place and the customer’s issue from ever being resolved satisfactorily.

Your problems may actually go deeper than that, however, as recent research from New Voice Media found that 58 percent of Americans would never use a company again after a single negative customer experience.

So, how do you ensure top-notch call VoIP quality that helps keep your customers loyal? A network monitoring solution that includes tools for VoIP monitoring and analysis is a perfect place to start. Such a product can drill down specifically on VoIP calls to determine what may be causing intermittent issues and how different kinds of traffic are impacting each other. With this information, engineers can solve problems quickly as they pop up and make adjustments to avoid similar difficulties in the future.

So, put yourself in your customers’ shoes—what kind of call experiences are they getting? From there, you can decide your next course of action. Savvius network analysis solutions combine traditional network analysis with in-depth VoIP analysis so IT engineers can quickly understand protocol interactions and troubleshoot VoIP problems more quickly than ever before. CLICK HERE for a Free 10-day trial of Omnipeek 9.1 Enterprise, which offers real-time visibility into every part of the network simultaneously from a single interface.