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As network speeds increase to support bandwidth-hungry applications like VoIP and video, network engineers are faced with the challenge of trying to keep tabs on a massive quantity of traffic flying across the network. So, as 10G—as well as 40G and 100G—networks become more commonplace, the need for robust 10G network analysis solutions grows as well.

One of the critical tools that IT teams can use to combat this problem is a network dashboard that provides a high-level view of all traffic. But while dashboards are a great idea in theory, if they are not simple to understand and use, they may cause more problems than they solve by creating a muddy picture of the network.

On the other hand, a product like Omnipeek, Savvius’ network monitoring solution, offers a network dashboard that helps engineers see the entire network perfectly from one central pane of glass.

In addition to seeing all traffic on a network at any given time, Omnipeek also allows engineers to drill down on any node quickly to get more information about that endpoint. The solution also allows for troubleshooting both distributed networks across the globe and local connections, giving engineers absolute visibility into everything happening at any given moment and the ability to impact events if necessary. Omnipeek’s dashboard is so simple and intuitive, in fact, that junior IT staffers and even nontechnical executives can view network information quickly and easily.

Bandwidth demand is only going to increase from this point on, which means engineers are going to be charged with managing networks with rapidly growing traffic volume. The only way these IT professionals can possibly continue to effectively oversee all their organization’s nodes is with a centralized and crystal-clear view of the entire system—and a network monitoring solution with an easy-to-use network traffic dashboard provides exactly that.

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