When it comes to cyberattacks, companies and government agencies would do well to look as closely at activities going on within their company walls as they do at those threats coming from the outside. According to “The Federal Insider Threat Report,” conducted by MeriTalk, about 50 percent of federal agencies were targeted by inside threats.

One in three of those attacks resulted in data being accessed or compromised. While about 40 percent of these incidents were the result of an unintentional error, the rest were malicious and intentional. These incidents resulted in unauthorized access to sensitive documents and represent a serious security risk.

It takes a multifaceted approach to cope with this threat of insider attack. While increased employee training and monitoring might help reduce the incidence of unintentional errors, businesses must also be on the lookout for employees who might be plotting an inside cyber job and know how to identify suspicious activity that could indicate a cyberattack or data breach is imminent.

The ultimate answer to avoiding inside jobs is a comprehensive network monitoring and security solution. Good network monitoring will keep tabs on activity coming from both inside and outside the network, and can alert security personnel to suspicious or unauthorized activity, even if it is being performed by someone who has network access or is an authorized user.

A comprehensive solution will also allow for strict controls and sound account management practices to keep a tight rein on network access and privileges. Network monitoring and security can help monitor and audit employee actions from all end points, including mobile devices and remote users, to keep a close eye on the network and identify potentially troublesome activity. This can help cut down on inside jobs and reduce the risk of a breach, whether it is caused by intentional or unintentional employee activity.