Managing Large Deployments of Savvius Insight

When our customers buy Savvius Insights for their remote locations, often times it is in large quantities. This makes sense, given how inexpensive Savvius Insight is, and how powerful the network monitoring capabilities are. So, whether it is for small to medium sized offices, retail outlets, manufacturing, or any other location with a 1G or […]

Savvius + ELK = Best SIEM ever!

Savvius sells packet capture and analysis appliances. These appliances range in size to capture packets on 100Mbps networks up to 20Gbps networks. Our newest mini appliance called Savvius Insight comes with the ELK stack built-in. ELK can be installed on any of the other appliances as well. Savvius appliances make good hosts for ELK because […]

Savvius Insight and the Graph Plugin for Kibana

In a recent post I expounded on the use of the Kibana Swimlane plugin with Savvius Insight to add a cool and useful new visualization to your dashboards. If you missed that post, you can check it out here and get an intro on how the built-in ELK reporting on Insight can be extended with […]

How-To: Kibana Plugins on Savvius Insight

I am on the team that develops the Savvius Insight Appliance. During the development of Insight 1.0, I helped to define the value proposition, and the use cases for Insight, from there I helped to make choices about the hardware, the analysis, and the reporting. For the reporting we went with Splunk, and I designed the dashboards. […]

Savvius Insight and TopBeat

Savvius Insight is a mini appliance that provides network visibility for remote office networks, managed service providers, and small business. With Elk pre-installed and configured on Insight, users are able to visualize and monitor many aspects of network and application performance through customized dashboards. Among other things, this makes it a great platform for many of […]